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Lunette Menstrual Cup

Looking for a cup that can help with your menstrual cycle? look no further than the lunette! This cup is designed for women who have heavy or normal flow monthly periods. The heavy or normal flow cup regular or light flow cup has a violet color and is meant to help with your everyday menstrual cycle.

Menstrual Cup Lunette


Menstrual Cup For Light Flow

This is a great cup for those with light flow who want to still have control over their cup use. The violet printing means that you can keep track of how many cups you're using per day. The lunette menstrual cup model 2 is also reailable in other colors to suit your every need. the lunette reusable menstrual cup clear is perfect for those with heavy flow who need a menstrual cup that is clear of bacteria and contaminants. This cup comes in two models: normal flow and heavy flow. this is a beautiful and new product from violet - model 2. This cup is heavy or normal flow and is a fresh new product! It is also the perfect option for heavy or normal flow cups. This cup comes with a flat head pin and cold press. It is also lightweight and easy to carry around. This lunette reusable menstrual cup is perfect for those with heavy flow who want to avoid using a manual cup. The blue model 2 features an indicator light and a light-activated button to easy care for your forced-flow lifestyle.